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How To Make Pho – A Popular Soup From Vietnam

Do you know how to make Pho? From coast to coast, in big metro areas, there’s a new culinary food trend that’s sweeping across our palates: pho. An import from the country of Vietnam, pho (pronounced “faux”) is a little bit broth, a little bit noodle—and a whole lot of flavor in one meal. It’s like a taste explosion, with sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, and more, all wrapped up in a bowl. One way Americans differ in their eating of pho is when we eat it: In Vietnam it’s primarily served at breakfast time, while in the U.S. it’s a lunch or dinner option. You should try it at breakfast! It sure would be an eye opener to the kids!

As its base, pho generally relies on either beef or chicken for the broth (you can do vegetable stock, too if you want!). After that rich stock is created, then the fun begins, with lots of add-ins and condiments. And of course there are some embellishments, too, that make pho so distinctive, including a squeeze of lime over the dish.

Pho is so satisfying! It makes for a great meal and it is not that difficult to make. A great side dish for pho – gua cuon. Yep – summer rolls are delicious and a perfect pairing with pho!

How To Make Pho – The Graphic

Ready to learn more about pho? This graphic can help.

How to order and eat pho like a pro

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