It seems like every start of the new year brings a new superfood to town. If it’s not acai berries, it’s kale. If it’s not kale, it’s flaxseed. It seems like there’s a neverending parade of superfoods, and this year is no different. Or is it?

We got an interesting press release the other day from Barnana – the company that makes healthy banana snacks – introducing a new superfood: gorilla milk. And we though camel milk was odd. Their new gorilla milk product is supposedly a nutritionally dense milk from Western Lowland Gorillas. And if you’re considering the legality of humanely bred and pasture roaming gorillas being gently milked in the countryside, then you’re correct to be wary. This smells strongly of a publicity event – especially the part where they invite you to sign up to find out how you actually go about milking a gorilla.

Barnana, the company behind all this, is a food manufacturer that actually does a lot of good in cutting down on food waste. Their organic banana snacks help save unused ripened bananas in South Africa from being thrown out by upcycling them into healthy, tasty snacks that come in a bunch of different flavors. As big advocates against food waste, we think this is a pretty brilliant idea.

But back to gorilla milk.

If you weren’t already a little squeamish about the idea of drinking milk from a gorilla, then the packaging featuring the head and upper torso of a gorilla who looks slightly sad and a little angry (maybe it was just milked?) will probably put you off.

According to the release, the idea was the brainchild of Barnana CEO, Caue SuplicyAfter spending time with Western Lowland Gorillas in Africa, seeing their wild habitat being destroyed and after having the privilege to milk one myself – I am excited to bring mother gorillas’ milk to market for human consumption and save the lives of gorillas and their wild habitat.

We’re all about saving gorillas, though there’s probably some better ways to do that aside from milking them. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what superfood Barnana has in store for consumers in a couple of days

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